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Strömgatan 18, Stockholm, Sweden
(+46) 322.170.71

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L = Lodge Trip // C = Camping Trip

Departure Date 2019# of DaysL = Lodge
C = Camping
Remaining Space Available
Sat. May 18th, 20193 RAFT/HIKEL/L OR L/L/L12-16 SPACES AVAILABLE
Wed. May 22nd, 20193 or 4 RAFT OR HIKEL/L OR L/L/L16 SPACES AVAILABLE
Tue. May 28th, 20193 L/L11 SPACES AVAILABLE - Burstein (3) Ketterer (2)
Tue. June 4th, 20194C/C/C12 SPACES AVIALABLE - 20% OFF
Tue. June 4th, 20193 or 4 RAFT OR HIKEL/L OR L/L/L12 SPACES AVAILABLE - 10% OFF
Tue. June 11th, 20193L/L10-12 SPACES AVAILABLE - Kempik (4)
Fri. June 14th, 20194C/C/C12 SPACES AVAILABLE - 20% OFF
Fri. June 14th, 20193 L/L12-14 SPACES AVAILABLE-Aldrich (2)
Tue. June 18th, 20193L/L16 SPACES AVAILABLE
Fri. June 21st, 20194C/C/CTRIP IS FULL - Alasko (2) Salzer (2) David (8)
Tue. June 25th, 20193L/LTRIP IS FULL - Johnson (13)
Fri. June 28th, 20194C/C/C5-10 SPACES AVAILABLE - Glenn (5-10) Lawrence (5)
Tue. July 2nd, 20193L/L12 SPACES AVAILABLE
Fri. July 5th, 2019 4C/C/C7 SPACES AVAILABLE - Barrett (5) Espinosa (5) Braddock (4)
Tue. July 9th, 20193L/LTRIP IS FULL - Stier (12)
Fri. July 12th, 20193C/CTRIP IS FULL - WWP (21)
Tue. July 16th, 20193L/L8 SPACES AVAILABLE - VanValin (4)
Fri. July 19th, 20193C/CTRIP IS FULL - Mark (21)
Tue. July 23rd, 20193L/L6-8 SPACES AVAILABLE - Rose (4-6)
Fri. July 26th, 20193C/CTRIP IS FULL - Barrett Charter (21)
Tue. Jul 30th, 20193L/L9 SPACES AVAILABLE - Davignon (3)
Fri. Aug 2nd, 20194C/C/C 4 SPACES AVAILABLE - Egans (6) Kay (3) Bullard (2) Imel (6)
Tue. Aug. 6th, 20193L/L12 SPACES AVAILABLE
Fri. Aug. 9th, 20194C/L/L6-8 SPACES AVAILABLE - Reeves (6) Degnan (2) Paley (3) Hook (2) Epstein (2)
Tue. Aug 13th, 20193L/LTRIP IS FULL - WWP (13)
Fri. Aug. 16th, 20194 C/C/CPlease call for availability - Huling Yoga
Tue. Aug. 20th, 20193L/L12 SPACES AVAILABLE
Fri. Aug 23rd, 20193C/CTRIP IS FULL - Johnson (21)
Tue. Aug. 27th, 20193L/L12 SPACES AVAILABLE
Fri. Aug. 30th, 20193C/CTRIP IS FULL - Michael (21)
Wed. Sep. 4th, 20194 (Rafting or Hiking options)C/C/C12 SPACES AVAILABLE
Mon. Sep. 9th, 20194 (Rafting or Hiking options)C/C/C12 SPACES AVAILABLE
Thur. Sep. 12th, 20194 (Rafting or Hiking options)C/C/C12 SPACES AVAILABLE


I did a 4-day, 3-night guided river trip with Noah's on the Rogue River this past weekend. It was amazing and worth every penny! All of the guides were fantastic, safe, knowledgeable, fun, friendly, nice, entertaining, and hard-working.


At this point, I feel that Noah's has this down to an art. Pickups, drop-offs, meals, and of course the trip itself -- have gone perfectly, in spite of the unpredictable nature of whitewater rafting. The guides have been a pleasure, the food good.