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3 OR 4 DAY

Fishing Trips


Please check back for discounted 2024 fishing trips.

CALL HUGH AT 541-261-2677 TO BOOK NOW!

Our “Bucket list trip”
on the Rogue River in the wilderness area

2023 provided us incredible weather and excellent water flows. Our wet spring resulted in a full reservoir which gave us consitent conditions for all of September and October. We finally had a solid number of returning Chinook Salmon. Our adult Steelhead numbers were right at the average. October proved to be some of our best fishing this year, with good Steelhead numbers and an increased number of Coho (Silver) Salmon. If you would like to experience this once in a lifetime Wilderness Adventure in 2024, please give me a call and I would be happy to discuss any questions you may have. Call Hugh at 541-261-2677 for details.

A 3 or 4 day
drift boat Rogue River fishing adventure

Drift boat Rogue River fishing adventure for Salmon and Steelhead on the federally protected “National Wild and Scenic” waterway of the world famous Rogue River.

This is the crown jewel of all fishing trips in the lower 48, a place where fishing enthusiasts are guaranteed an uncrowded, pristine environment forever restricted from the encroachment of civilization.

CALL HUGH TO BOOK 541-261-2677
As seen on Fox sports T.V.
Wild and Scenic

The charm of this road-less, motor-less, history filled, Rogue river fishing trip is interspersed with tranquil pools, narrow canyons edged by towering cliffs, cascading waterfalls and old growth forests mixed with a variety of deciduous trees. This is a place where otter, beaver, deer, Black Bear, Osprey, Kingfisher, Blue and Green Heron, Bald and Golden Eagle, wild turkey and ducks call it home and are common sightings here.

Then the bonus: This fishing trip itinerary is lodge to lodge, the only one of its kind in the continental U.S. This means beautiful log-structured lodges, your own cabin or room with private bath, along with, all-you-can-eat, tummy-stuffing meals served family style each evening and morning.

Come, see, and share this very special place with us. This is truly a trip that should be on every fishermen’s list of “things to see and do” at least once before life passes them by.

Rogue River Fishing Trips begin every 5th day from late August through early November


  • 3 Day Fishing Trip
  • $ 2150 PER PERSON
    • All food provided
    • All gear provided
    • All lodging provided
    • Add 5% for use, demo fees
  • 4 Day Fishing Trip
  • $ 2450 PER PERSON
    • All food provided
    • All gear provided
    • Add 5% for use, demo fees.
    • Costs based on double occupancy
    • Number of participants – 2 to 12