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3 OR 4 DAY

Hiking Trips

Wild and Scenic raft supported hiking trips

Noah’s has spent the last 49 years providing memorable wilderness adventures on the Rogue River.

If you are a hiking enthusiast who wants to experience the Wild and Scenic Rogue river canyon without the heavy back pack, this is your trip.

With just a small day pack and a water bottle, you can enjoy the Wilderness of the Rogue while your guides carry all personal gear and supplies. We will stop each day for a delicious riverside lunch and enjoy each evening in the comfort of a remote Wilderness Lodge.


Remember that the support rafts are always nearby for your comfort and safety.  Guest’s have the option to hop in raft for a few miles if you need a break from the trail.

Itineraries vary based on lodge availability. Please do not hesitate to give me a call at 5412612677 if you would like to discuss our raft supported Hiking trips on the Rogue.

CALL HUGH TO BOOK 541-261-2677


  • 3 Day Hiking Trip
  • $ 1445 per person
    • +5% for BLM/USFS Usage fee.
  • 4 Day Hiking Trip
  • $ 1745 per person
    • +5% for BLM/USFS Usage fee.

_____ 1 pair hiking boots

_____ 1 set of hiking poles (if desired)
_____ 1 small back pack while on trail
_____ 2-3 sets of hiking attire. Dress in layers as the mornings will be cool.
_____ 1 set of light weight rain gear. (Spring showers should be expected)
_____ 1-2 pair evening shoes (tennis shoes, lightweight boots, loafers)
_____ 2 pair trousers (jogging pants, jeans, sweats, etc. clothing of comfort for lodges )
_____ 2-3 lightweight shirts (short sleeve, tank top, blouse, etc.)
_____ 2 shirts or sweater, long sleeve
_____ 4-5 pair socks
_____ 4-5 pair undergarments
_____ 1 lightweight jacket with hood (evenings at lodges can be chilly)
_____ 1-2 sun visor/baseball or broad brim hats
_____ 1 hat that provides ear warmth
_____ 1 water bottle, we provide purified water for refills
_____ sun screen/block
_____ sun glasses
_____ eye/sun glasses retainers
_____ spare eyeglasses/contacts/sunglasses
_____ personal toiletries
_____ 2 sets medication (in separate containers – 1 set in raft, 1 set with you on trail)
_____ insect repellent
_____ camera
_____ favorite book
_____ 1 small flash light (generators at lodges go off at 10:00 p.m.)
_____ personal beverages are not available at lodges. We provide coolers,
storage boxes and ice. We also provide ice tea, lemonade, assortment of soft drinks, and purified water. Please feel free to bring along your favorite
liquor and mix, wine, beer, sodas and/or other beverages. Moderation is requested. Beer should be in cans only. Bottled wine is ok.
_____ LADIES, PLEASE NO hair dryers or curling irons. The lodges power source, diesel generators, cannot handle the extra load.


Once we arrive at Grave creek, I will introduce you to your guides. We will spend a few moments going over some safety information and provide you with a trail map and communication device. Your overnight belongings will be loaded into the rafts at this point. You will have constant communications with your guides while you are on the trail.

Day 1: Has us hiking 8 miles to Black Bar Lodge. Lunch will be provided at the rivers edge half way through the days hike. Normal arrival time to the lodge is 4:30/5:00 p.m. Cabins are double occupancy. Please note that we have an odd number of participants, the lodges will up charge the group if we have a single in the cabins. Dinner and breakfast will be provided at the lodge.

Day 2: This can be our longest day. (approx: 14 miles to Paradise Lodge) you will have the option to start the day in the rafts if you wish. This way it won’t be such a demanding hike day. It is recommended that we begin our hiking after lunch. Again we will provide your riverside lunch and plan on arriving at Paradise lodge around 4:30/5:00 p.m. Dinner/breakfast provided by Paradise Lodge.

Day 3: Is an optional layover day depending on itinerary and Lodge availability. We have several hiking opportunities to and from the lodge. You can also choose to relax by the river with a book. Remember that Paradise Lodge is one of the most remote lodges in the country. The only way to get there is by river or trail. It will be an uncrowded memorable day in the wilderness. Lunch/Dinner/breakfast provided by Paradise Lodge.

Day 4: has us hiking 9 miles to the conclusion of the Rogue River Trail at Foster Bar (Near Agness OR) We shoot for a 3:00 p.m. arrival which allows us time for the drive back to your vehicles at Morrison’s Lodge.